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Lease Preparation for Cape Coral Landlords

Before a tenant moves into your rental property, there are a number of things you need to do. One of the most important things is the preparation of the lease. This requires your full attention because the lease is the most impo... read more >>

Handling Security Deposits in Cape Coral, Florida

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A good landlord or property manager is always seeking to collect a security deposit before a tenant moves into a property. This is because the security deposit provides exactly that: security. It’s your insurance that all ... read more >>

Why Hire Cape Shore PMI?

Why Hire Cape Shore PMI?
Did you know that 85% of consumers are searching for local businesses online? Did you know 94% of mobile users are searching for local business information & 70% call after searching? There were 2,572,994,040 Local SEARCHES in 2... read more >>
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